Course Syllabus

REL 200 | Christian Leadership Center

Fall 2016 Syllabus                                                              Theme: Christian Formation


The Story of God: The Story of Us, Sean Gladding


Harper Collins Study Bible or The New Oxford Annotated Bible


  1. To develop and articulate an understanding of self, core values, and beliefs
  2. To explore theological concepts and gain an appreciation for diverse theological perspectives
  3. To develop practical skills for incorporating leadership into areas of interest and service
  4. To articulate an understanding of one’s life’s vocation within the context of one’s faith



  • Complete reading assignments and participate in class discussions.
  • Complete all credo exploration assignments on time.
  • Complete required quizzes and semester project on time.
  • Complete all internship requirements including adequate hours of participation and all paperwork by the assigned deadlines.
  • Attend all required retreats, seminars and events


                Colloquium                                                                  150 points

 Attendance                                                                       50 points  (only 2 unexcused absences)

Participation                                                                      50 points

Quizzes                                                                                 50 points

Temenos Attendance                                                    150 points              (only 2 unexcused absences)

Semester Internship Evaluation and Time log      150 points

                Credo Exploration completion                                    100 points

                Final                                                                                 50 points


                Total points                                                                        600 points


One point will be deducted for each day that an assignment is late.

Receiving 0 points in any one area will result in a failing grade for the semester.


Grade scale        90– 100                 A

                                80 – 89                  B

                                70 - 79                   C

                                60 -   69                 D

                              below  59             F


As a student at Centenary, you are bound by the honor code.  Even for CLC: handwrite, sign and date the honor code on every assignment you submit in hard copy; type out the honor code in the email to which you attach assignments submitted electronically.

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